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Top Five Reasons Your Company Needs a CRM System | Intellibright

A customer relationship management (CRM) system qualifies as the single most important element for improving business. Think of CRM software as a streamlined repository of potential profit. This statement holds true for all companies, no matter what they produce or their size or how long they’ve been in business. The following list details the top five reasons that your company needs a CRM system. A CRM system keeps track of customer names, contact information, and both past and future orders.

Why I Like Books

Sometime in the early 1940′s, a woman named Pauline Coomer traveled from Kentucky to a small town in middle Tennessee called Gainesboro, where she wound up working for my maternal great-grandparents on their small tobacco farm. My great-grandparents gave Pauline a place to live in exchange for killing chickens, cooking daily meals for the farmhands, washing, sewing, and whatever other drudgery needed tending. After both my great-grandparents passed on, the era deemed it unacceptable for Pauline...

Sex and the Single Diabetic

In 1982, I got my first insulin pump to control Type I Diabetes. Since being diagnosed at five, I gave shots on my own, and never considered the injections painful. They just...were. But at the age of nine, modern technology changed my life with the insulin pump. The insulin pump looked like a large, rectangular bomb attached to belt hoops via a black velcro case; a thin tube dangled from the device, ending in a needle in my stomach. Insulin was programmed to travel through the tube and into me...